My Outlook for the Women of the Future

My past four blog posts have been all about women opening door for themselves. In a world that has been and still is, in some aspects, dominated by men, the women that I have spoke about have broke down barriers to fulfill their dreams and send the message that women can be just as creative and intelligent as any man can be.

In the beginning of our blogging journey, Mrs. Lewis asked us how the creativity in the Black Arts Movement and Hip Hop Movement related to each other. I believe that what I have discovered fully conveys that the sisterhood of women, whether they be fighting for rights, respect or equality ties these two movement together. I also believe that women all over the world can be found within any major movement, doing their part and fighting for what they believe.

These women should be seen as role models for the messages they have worked to convey. Equality for women is still an issue all over the world today, and I hope that I, through my blog posts, have inspired others to stand up for what they believe like Parks, Giovanni, Sanchez, Latifah and the women of Salt-N-Pepa.

Every person, every WOMAN can make a difference. When will you make yours?


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