The Bow.

So here it is, my post on the connections between Hip-Hop and the Black Arts Movement, the neatly tied bow of my research.
For my previous posts, I researched two prominent figures from each movement, Amiri Baraka and Tupac Shakur. In both, I highlighted some of the work of each respective individual, and pointed out some of the trends that I saw, most notably a mistrust of authority, police brutality, and a plea for a change in the system. While the works themselves were entirely different, the sentiments expressed were very much the same.
I'm going to refer back to my previous posts here. In Baraka's poem, "A New Reality is Better than a New Movie!" he talks about the system that has kept poor Black people down. Similarly, in Tupac's song "Changes," Tupac accuses white authority figures of keeping Black youths poor and drug addicted. Also in "Changes" Tupac calls out for a change in the system, because the current one isn't working. This theme is inherent in Baraka's works as well, though it is more of a desperate lament than an active call.
These, of course, are just the works of two people, but I think they make a great representation of both movements. Both artists' works are influenced and entwined with the Black Power Movement. The Black Arts Movement was the "aesthetic and spiritual sister of the Black Power concept," according to Larry Neal, and Hip-Hop music is just simply a continuation of the ideals and opinions expressed in the Black Power Movement, almost like the daughter of the Black Arts Movement.


Julia L. said...

I like the expression with the bow^^
You also made a very good connection between Baraka and Shakur. I like the comparison of their work.
Good job :-)

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