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I don’t really know were to start, because I have learned so much during this poetry class. I never thought I could like a class this much. You know you really like a class when you look forward to go to it everyday and when you want to do the homework, for the reason that it’s fun.
I remember the first week and we were talking about children’s poetry and in the end of the class our teacher made us all sit underneath the tables, so that we could see the world from a child’s perspective. This was just one of the things that made me open my mind about poetry.

We have read everything from Whitman, E E. Cumming and Langston Hughes. They all are really different poets and that is maybe why it’s so fun to analyze their poems and read about theirs private life. Their private lives are very important for us to analyze their poetry but it can also make us understand why they wrote the poetry they did. I think E E. Cumming was one of the poets that were very influential for me, because he showed me that there are no rules in poetry. The only limit in poetry is your mind and you can use punctuations and other stuff to make the poetry more interesting or just to get your point through, this is called Unusual Typograph. Personification and free verse are also things that I have been very influenced by, because they are things that I like to use.

I think Parker with her Satiric Poetry has inspired a lot of people in our class, because in this time we are living in right now humor is very important and we almost use it as a cover of ourselves, so that we can hide behind it.

I think my poetry has changed a lot during just this class, not just because I have gotten to know myself better but also because I have found my own writing style. Its very hard to find your own style in a normal English class, because there is so much you have to think about but in poetry the only thing you have to think about is your only limit, which is your mind. We started with the normal poetry that we are used reading but then we started to read more modern poets and I think that was a big turning point for me.

Poetry is now a part of my life and every time I read, I use the same analyze technique that we used for poetry. I never thought I was going to learn so much in this class, but I really did. I did not only learn to enjoy poetry but I also got to know a lot of different people and myself better. This is by far the best class I have ever taken.


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